Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry

Thanks to all the BBC's who talked about Chesil Beach, it was a great night and as usual everyone came to the book from a different angle. Some with little time for virgins, others saw Florence as the victim of child abuse or thought Edward was just too self-centered and this was the only way Flo would have pursued her musical passions. Overall verdict was that they might have got it together if they had had their honeymoon in a warmer climate and the book has probably done very little for Chesil Beach as a post wedding destination. 

The next book for the BBC will be from Irish writer/playwright Sebastian Barry. A finalist for the 2008 Man Booker Prize and winner of the Costa Award for Best Novel, The Secret Scripture encompasses not only some of the most painful episodes in Irish history, but also delves deeply into the emotions of love, passion, and soul-destroying prejudice. Casting doubt upon the reliability of human perceptions and, indeed, the very nature of truth, it also upholds the possibilities of dignity and redemption.

We will meet at Dani's on Friday September 10th from 8pm. Enjoy!!

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