Thursday, July 22, 2010

Karen's comments and apology

I was so keen to come to tomorrows book club, but unfortunately it coincides

with Pete's brother from New Zealand coming over.. A bit of a bummer as I am

a great fan of Ian McEwan and I would have loved to know what everyone

thought of this particular piece of writing and compare it to his other


I enjoyed 'on chesil beach'.. Like most of his books, I love the pace and

the way he unravels each memory and each detail that give Florence and

Edward a beautiful depth. I think McEwan is a great humanist and always

keeps me thinking about our wonderful strange human ways and how we interact

with one another.. There are so many ways to read and misread each others

actions and behaviour.. The human error to misjudge could be seen as a

crime, but I think McEwan creates a way to find forgiveness.. Which is what

I really like about the book..

Anyway.. I'm sad to miss out tomorrow night, and I'm sure there will be some

beautiful ideas and thoughts about the book and his writing style.. I would

love to hear how it all goes..

Have a beautiful night, and please send my regards to all BBC members!


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