Tuesday, February 23, 2010


To begin, I thought I would outline why I wanted to create a book club and then why I chose Breath as the first book.

I have always loved books, read them from before I went to school, as my Grandpa lived with us and bribed us with smarties if we would undertake reading lessons. I remember down playing the fact that I could read after I was bullied terribly on the Bundeena ferry (a regular terrifying experience) for being able to read The Wishing Chair Again in kindergarden, either that or carrying my violin.....Bundeena is a different place indeed, to the one I grew up in. It's geographic beauty is still the same, but the community is softer, more diverse and I think a much better place to grow up in for it.

So here I am, would never have believed I would be back living in the house I grew up in and sending my child to Bundeena Primary School - narrative is a funny thing. So, along with the great looking out that seaside villages do, I would like to forge a looking within to find a community of like minded readers who enjoy discussing literature in between plunges in the sea. Hence the BBC.

So, with a seaside theme, BREATH by Tim Winton seems an appropriate choice. I read it at quite a tumultuous time in my life late last year and felt both drawn and fearful of it. I had struggled with other Tim Winton books before but this one got me straight in. It also is a relatively quick read and many have read it already so it seemed like a safe choice for those fearful of book clubs because of the time needed to read the book. It is Australian, coastal and a Miles Franklin winner - so I thought it jumped out as a good one to start. of course the sex, drugs and violence also give us a bit of meat to talk about.

So, I am looking forward to meeting around the "Muse's Circle", as was the name of the ladies club from "Lotte in Weimar" - a bunch of women who sat around to talk about the latest bit of art, fashion, book or what not. Chez Moi, 8pm. 

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